Building od New Ships

– building of small cargo and passenger ships

– building of floating equipment, pontoons

– building of floating restaurants, botels, houseboats

Shiprepairing Services

– lifting and lowering of ships by means of a powerful slipway – 115 metres long ship lift

– maximum weight of 1 r.m. of hull up to 25 MT can be handled here, Ro-Ro facility, inclination 1:8, width 8 m, maximum rise 10,5 m

– repair works of ships’ hulls

– repair works of propelling machinery and ship’s equipment

– repairs of rudder systems

– repairs of machinery, pumps, compressors

– repairs of electric systems of ships

– repairs of radionavigational equipment and aids

– repairs of fixed outlift of ships, interiors, social equipment and so on

Reconstructions and Upgrading of Ships

– engine rooms

– machinery and other ships equipment

– ships hulls

– interiors

Winter parking

– rental of outdoor areas

– rental of indoor areas

– winter maintenance

– from 50 € / month, more info on +421 2 402 06 129

Production of steel structures

– construction

– transport

– water management

– Vessel tracking

– support structures of the HEB truss

Testing of Ships by Means of a Dismantling-free method

– output of main engines, torque and revolutions on propeller shaft

– testing of engines’ injection systems

– indicative testing of engines

– measuring and adjusting of compressing and burning pressures under constant conditions and load

– fuel consumption

– smoking of engines

– testing of roller bearings of propeller shafts, turbochargers, pumps electric motors etc.